The Green Foundation
How to Apply

The Green Foundation has a three-step application process. All three steps must be completed sequentially.

1. Pass the Eligibility Questionnaire. Click the Account Page tab and follow the instructions.

2. Submit a Letter of Inquiry from the Account Page. If the Letter of Inquiry indicates a potential fit with the Foundation's criteria, applicants will be invited to submit a formal proposal. In the instance of a declined Letter of Inquiry, applicants must wait one year to reapply. At any phase of the application process, any institution may request a withdrawal of its application.

3. Complete a Formal Proposal. Once the Foundation has invited you to submit a formal proposal, please use the online form. Applicants should complete in full all sections of the proposal, and attach all necessary components. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited formal proposals at any time. Proposals not chosen for Board review will receive an immediate letter of declination. Proposals chosen for Board review will be notified of the Board’s decision. During this review period the Foundation may call your institution if any further information is needed and/or to schedule a site visit.